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28th November: Matthew Ch 1:1-16

21st November: Romans Ch 13:8-14

14th November: Remembrance Sunday - Philip Pierson

7th November: Romans Ch 13:4-7 & 13


31st October: Romans Ch 13:1-7

24th October: Romans Ch 12:9-21

17th October: Romans Ch 12:1-8

10th October - Harvest service


26th September: 2nd Kings Ch 2:1-14

19th September: 2nd Kings Ch 1:1-18

5th September: 1st Kings Ch 21:17-29


29th August: 1st Kings Ch 19:1-18

22nd August: 1st Kings Ch 18:16-46

15th August: 1st Kings Ch 18:1-15

8th August: Mr. Brian Agnew - Nahum Ch 1:1-15

1st August: Rev. Clive Webster - 2nd Corinthians Ch 4:7-12 & 5:14-21


25th July: 1st Kings Ch 17:17-24

18th July: 1st Kings Ch 17:7-24

11th July: Rev. Clive Webster - Galatians Ch 5:16-25

4th July: Philip Pierson - Parable of the Sower


27th June: 1st Kings Ch 17:2-6 & 2nd Timothy Ch 3:10-17

20th June: 1st Kings Ch 17:1, Hebrews Ch 12:4-13 & Luke Ch 13:1-5

13th June: 1st Kings Ch 17:1 & James Ch 5:17-20


30th May: Matthew Ch 7:21-23 (Rev. Clive Webster)

23rd May: Matthew Ch 7:21-23 (Rev. Nick McKnight)

16th May: Matthew Ch 7:13-20

9th May: Philip Pierson

2nd May: Matthew Ch 7:7-12


25th April: Matthew Ch 7:1-5

18th April: Matthew Ch 6:25-34

11th April: 2nd Kings 17:9-16 & Luke Ch 10:38-42

4th April: Easter Sunday


28th March: Isiah Ch 58:1-12 & Matthew Ch 6:16-18

21st March: Isaiah Ch 40:1-5, 27-31 & 2nd Corinthians 1:2-5

14th March: Matthew Ch 6:5-8

7th March: Matthew Ch 6:1-4


28th February: Matthew Ch 5:43-48

21st February: Matthew Ch 5:38-42

14th February: Romans Ch 8:31-39

7th February: Matthew Ch 5:33-37


31st January: Matthew Ch 5:27-32

24th January: Matthew Ch 5:21-26

17th January: Matthew Ch 5:17-20

10th January: Matthew Ch 5:13-16

3rd January: Covenant Service